How to Be Dull

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Out now!!

Are you, too, a refuge from the relentless pressure to be “creative”?

Have you had enough of “pushing the envelope” and “thinking outside the box” to last the next three lifetimes or more?

Stop trying to succeed and learn to be DULL.

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When one pushes the envelope too far

Dull people may not end up presidents of the free world or at top of the pop charts, but they do get on with a minimum of fuss and practically no pressure. Your weekends will remain free. You will not need to purchase a lot of expensive equipment. There are no rigid rules to follow. You can idle through this book or simply give up when your curiosity has been exhausted.

This volume makes a great gift for your boss or any other dynamic go-getters you know. Wink and tell them it’s all in good fun, but get ready for a blissful calm to descend once they have grasped the simple art of dullness.

The late Basil Morley, esq., spent a lifetime judiciously avoiding the limelight in one dull pursuit after another. He may be unable to do so in the afterlife, as there remain treasures like this pamphlet to be looted from his jumble of notebooks, cabinets and miniature terrariums. Though he might quail at the sudden wave of untoward attention, there is little he can do about it now.

“I laughed, I cried, I quoted the best lines to Boccaccio.” — Geoffrey Chaucer

“He stole the best bits from me, the bastard.” — Dorothy Parker

“I have to revise my famous essay on laughter now.” — Henri Bergson

“I never said I would give you a cover quote.” — Amy Schumer

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