#Lockdown Got You Down? Be DULL!

Lord, how the hours hang upon you when you discover that your job is less essential than you thought. Your colleagues you thought so tedious at least entertained you, it seems. Left to your own devices the old ennui as the French say has got you feeling all  Camus and Sartre.

Give in: Be Dull!

Discover the joy that throwing off the yoke of productivity can give you. Refuse to knuckle down to pointless tasks, glitchy video conferences and the other indignities of a time that should be a gift for reflection and idleness.

Be dull: join the Dull revolution! Lay down your tools and pick up a cold bevvie. You’ll feel better in a trice.

“It was one of the dullest speeches I ever heard. The Agee woman told us for three quarters of an hour how she came to write her beastly book, when a simple apology was all that was required.”
― P.G. Wodehouse, The Girl in Blue


Make Your Holiday DULL

A Christmas Garland edit

‘Tis the season… Oh, good heavens — not again! Parties, relations, gift giving — can you feel your face beginning to ache from the effort of smiling so much?

Wouldn’t you rather be DULL?

I know I’d certainly prefer a quiet corner with a book. HOW TO BE DULL makes an excellent present for those hard-to-please relations. It’s economical for one thing. And it will amuse you: imagine Uncle Cedric’s face when he opens the wrapper to find you have decided he needs to learn to be dull. He may think, ‘Gosh, I must be such a fine raconteur that my relation thinks I ought to take it down a notch.’ Or perhaps he may wonder if you are suggesting he already has some expertise in that area. He may be perplexed as to the reason for the gift. If so, he will probably keep his thoughts to himself which would help everyone.

Also, the more you buy the more you keep me in martinis. A win for everyone.


“One of the Funniest Books I’ve Read!”

A very gratifying review over on Goodreads: and they say those Americans have no sense of humour. Fie on that, I say. Read the whole review for more.

Holiday Blues? Be Dull!


Are you looking at the holidays with a jaundiced eye? Not looking forward to discussions about that vote? Are there relatives you’d rather gnaw an arm off than speak to for any length of time?

Be dull. By which of course I mean buy my book and become an expert in the art of Dullness. You can master the skill in a trice. Soon you’ll be the one people seek to avoid! Then you can enjoy reading in pleasant solitude with a nice beverage by your side.


Click the image to purchase.

Five Stars for DULL

A lovely review from the .com side of Amazon (most of the reviews so far have been from the UK). And people are always trying to tell me Americans don’t understand irony. I think now more than ever the Yanks would enjoy a little dullness.


 Click to buy!

How to Be Dull: Standing Out Next to Genius by Mr Basil Morley Esq.

What a fine encomium!

Tony's Thoughts

How To Be Dull Cover

Damn this book for making me spend a lunch time learning and bob and wheel poetry only to learn that I didn’t understand strophes. I think this book was quite possibly the single largest piece of sarcasm outside the comments section of my dissertation. A chapter later I found myself on a website reading Prick Of Conscience (way too old for copyright worries and always will be unless Disney pay more money than exists).

A tedious and dull thing I learned in this book was that when the author used the word osculating in reference to Prick I thought it was a joke to do with curves and tangents. It turned out to be much simpler and meant kissing. Oh how we laughed at the club about that. Perhaps the dullest and most frustrating thing about this book is the constant mention of the author’s agent. I know it was deliberate to…

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How to Be Dull: Now an Ebook

The tome is now available in that newfangled form, an “Electronic Book” or as they foppishly say, ebook.

As I understand it it works much like television for the aim enormous cameras at the original book and turn it into tiny dots which are then shot at your computer device until it fills up with the whole book. Or perhaps I got confused whilst Margery was explaining the process to me. If you understand this mad gibberish, by all means get yourself an ebook.



Another 5 Star Review!

The Dull Revolution continues apace — all right, a slow pace, but that’s just what it ought to be. No need to hurry. There’s always time to be dull.


Thank you, perspicacious pal, for taking the time to leave a review. I raise my glass to you!

Dull Revolution

The revolution has begun. Throw away those spreadsheets and burn your time management reports. Sit down in a comfy chair and let the go-getters get gone. Enjoy a cold beverage. Be dull!

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