Holiday Blues? Be Dull!

Are you looking at the holidays with a jaundiced eye? Not looking forward to discussions about that vote? Are there relatives you’d rather gnaw an arm off than speak to for any length of time? Be dull. By which of course I mean buy my book and become an expert in the art of Dullness.Continue reading “Holiday Blues? Be Dull!”

A Five Star Review for DULL

One doesn’t like to boast — so tedious! — but that Margery has poked me into confessing that the reviews have already begun to arrive on my little tome. Gratifyingly enough here’s the first: “It is not accurately possible to convey the full tedium of this book. Obviously, trying to be accurate is dull itself,Continue reading “A Five Star Review for DULL”

Executive Dull

An acquaintance of mine — I say acquaintance because this bustling sort of fellow who blusters into rooms, organises everyone according to hat size, forms committees and then boodles out could hardly stand still long enough to be a friend — asked if there were not some ‘executive summary’ of my forthcoming book. This handbookContinue reading “Executive Dull”

Maugham: Dull

“Dying is a dull, dreary affair. my advice is that you have nothing whatever to with it.” ― W. Somerset Maugham I don’t think Maugham could have been dull even in the throes of death. He gave Elliott Templeton such a terrific send off in The Razor’s Edge. He credited his success to this symbolContinue reading “Maugham: Dull”