#Lockdown Got You Down? Be DULL!

Lord, how the hours hang upon you when you discover that your job is less essential than you thought. Your colleagues you thought so tedious at least entertained you, it seems. Left to your own devices the old ennui as the French say has got you feeling all  Camus and Sartre.

Give in: Be Dull!

Discover the joy that throwing off the yoke of productivity can give you. Refuse to knuckle down to pointless tasks, glitchy video conferences and the other indignities of a time that should be a gift for reflection and idleness.

Be dull: join the Dull revolution! Lay down your tools and pick up a cold bevvie. You’ll feel better in a trice.

“It was one of the dullest speeches I ever heard. The Agee woman told us for three quarters of an hour how she came to write her beastly book, when a simple apology was all that was required.”
― P.G. Wodehouse, The Girl in Blue


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