Make Your Holiday DULL

A Christmas Garland edit

‘Tis the season… Oh, good heavens — not again! Parties, relations, gift giving — can you feel your face beginning to ache from the effort of smiling so much?

Wouldn’t you rather be DULL?

I know I’d certainly prefer a quiet corner with a book. HOW TO BE DULL makes an excellent present for those hard-to-please relations. It’s economical for one thing. And it will amuse you: imagine Uncle Cedric’s face when he opens the wrapper to find you have decided he needs to learn to be dull. He may think, ‘Gosh, I must be such a fine raconteur that my relation thinks I ought to take it down a notch.’ Or perhaps he may wonder if you are suggesting he already has some expertise in that area. He may be perplexed as to the reason for the gift. If so, he will probably keep his thoughts to himself which would help everyone.

Also, the more you buy the more you keep me in martinis. A win for everyone.


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