A Five Star Review for DULL

One doesn’t like to boast — so tedious! — but that Margery has poked me into confessing that the reviews have already begun to arrive on my little tome. Gratifyingly enough here’s the first:


“It is not accurately possible to convey the full tedium of this book. Obviously, trying to be accurate is dull itself, so I suppose I should make the effort – although that is distinctly not dull, and something that should be discouraged. What would happen if you were to be seen looking like you cared and showing off? Perish the thought.

I shall instead relax here, indolently if you will, and reread some of the funnier sections of the book – of which there are many – whilst enjoying a gin cocktail, which is the height of apathy, I believe.

I really ought to encourage you to read it – but again, I must observe the Maxim of Tedium and let you come to this rather lazy and obvious conclusion yourselves.”

Thank you, kind sir. If this inspires you, buy How to Be Dull here.

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