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An acquaintance of mine — I say acquaintance because this bustling sort of fellow who blusters into rooms, organises everyone according to hat size, forms committees and then boodles out could hardly stand still long enough to be a friend — asked if there were not some ‘executive summary’ of my forthcoming book.

This handbook for life might well be applied to business, I suppose. How to Be Dull, after all, is  as good a guidance for the bland hallways of the modern corporation as it is for my very lovely idle seat here in this leafy cafe near the burbling river.

But this is a short book. One can probably read it with leisure in the course of a day — two days if you really do a lot of napping and martini-drinking in between. Can one offer an ‘executive summary’ of such a short book?

Having perused the art of writing the ‘executive summary’ (by which I mean I watched this video [warning: intemperate language]) I have devised a truthful example:

Always Be Dull.

And that is the answer.

Dull cover - front WEB

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